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The Product

Unique Cyber Café Billing and Café Management software with features that satisfy almost every need of a Cyber Café or network environment requiring secure access to resources and accurate billing. Learn more about new features in SurfStation 9.0.

It has capabilities and strengths that place it ahead of the best Cyber Cafe management software presently in the market.

Product Access

The software is on this website and is available for download here. Anyone can download but not just anyone can be an approved Reseller. The downloaded evaluation copy has a lifespan of 10 days, after which the user is expected to purchase a license key to continue using it - either for-life or for annual use.

License categories

The full licensing options can be found here . Below you find a short summary of some.


    Is our vintage version. It is sold at $220 and it comes with 500 FREE SMS. Immediate profit of $80 to the café management. It supports a 40-client LAN.

    Comes at a price of $150. On download, It arrives a server bundled with 300 SMS credits from which the café owner directly and immediately makes $24. It supports heavy networks up to a 20-client LAN.

SMS recharge accounts

Would be made available on request. The marketing strategy would ensure that customers keep asking for SMS credits. This drives continued purchase of credits in small bulk packets by the Café owner, which eventually drives profitability. The SMS Reseller points would be communicated to the Café owner or Network manager.

How can I become Approved Reseller?

Very simple. Know a list of café addresses or café owners. Be a Café Engineer or simply a good seller/marketer with some drive. If you need sales acumen and need to develop abilities to have a personal/home business off our business opportunity, write in detail your intent to .

You start with speaking with a few prospects, and then secure a few commitments. Next, meet us to get a user’s manual in order to guide you through understanding the features of the product. You then purchase a license key and install SurfStation 9 for the customer.

While the 10 day evaluation copy is running, you may additionally demonstrate the sms service by using credits. Ensure you get paid for the licensed copy before the 10-day evaluation period expires. Pay into our Bank account the amount for another license or work out with the Head, Sales department what best payment model is best for you.

Note: iDevWorks does not concern itself with scenarios where you choose to sell above the recommended selling price.

Our understanding of the market and the psyche of our people indicates that since low entry price is one of the selling points of this software, a co-opting of the Reseller into our pricing scheme would be advisable otherwise we either narrow ingenious selling opportunities for Resellers or make it almost impossible to sell.

To improve your sales, and consolidate your identity, you need to have registered with us. After having made sales of up to 20 paid-up installations, you get some recognition and have your name, picture and contact put on the corporate website. That entitles you to benefiting from half of every after-sales support service charge on customers you help set up. Our sales team would work out the protocols for you.

Product Details

Once downloaded, the software can be installed on the server. What is downloaded is the full version but has an evaluation period of 10 days. The ServerID of the download server computer is noted and would not be granted another download if the evaluation copy expires. The evaluation copy comes with 5 SMS credits, but does not have the standard start-up credits of 300 SMS.

Product Support

Contact us for a comprehensive list of current phone numbers and email addresses for the different departments. Phone and email support is free. For subsequent physical visit to your cafe location, the amount would be negotiated with the Head of Support . Only authorized resellers may visit clients for such support as all clients’ request for support gets channeled to us.

Payment Method

After each sale, you should remit money to our account and get your license key. Please email for further clarifications.

Bank (Nigeria Only):

Zenith Bank Branch

Account Name:

iDevWorks Ventures

Account Number:


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